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Michael Allen

Michael Allen

“I chose to attend Escoffier at this stage in my career as a way to keep me relevant in the industry and up to date with certification. I go to any length to be the best in my career that I may be.”

“As an active duty soldier, online school is a big way to stay consistent with education. There is a big need for culinary arts training in my career, but there is not a lot of time to accomplish this. It’s doable, I’m doing it right now, but it’s not always convenient.”

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Kristen Douglas

Kristen Douglas

“For me, having access to the school online means it is now possible to receive the culinary education I have desired, while still being able to grow my business and take care of my busy family, without even having to leave our valley. As a family we have discussed the time and financial commitment required for me to do this, and although it will amount to a huge sacrifice, it is only possible because of the online program. It is awesome that in my lifetime, we have developed the technology making this educational venture even an option. I am grateful for the opportunity, to say the least.”

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Shari Spooner

eric's-videoShari Spooner

"I work more than 40 hours a week, I have a career that I love and this is something that I wanted to add on that I knew would help my current career."

“I really am so happy with what I am doing right now, working for the food industry. For me this was an opportunity to add something to my resume to help my current position. Hopefully in the future, [I can] continue to grow in the food industry-whether that be through other commodities or through a restaurant. I think all those doors have been opened because of this program.”

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Eric Preuss

eric's-videoEric Preuss

"This online program will make you successful. [It] helped my career with really giving me a re-focus of what my passion is.”

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Laura DeVries

eric's-videoLaura DeVries

"I think Escoffier online education makes a student very competitive. My culinary education so far has really helped develop my teaching skills, as well as my food styling. I would absolutely recommend Escoffier. It’s affordable, it’s flexible and it’s comprehensive."

"The chef instructors are so wonderful they care very much about the successful of every student."

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Scott Brooker

Scott Brooker

“In reality, the online program gives me the opportunity to be educated by great chefs that are already masters in their domain but in the comfort and familiar surroundings of my home. Living in a small community and still working as a business manager for the Canadian Red Cross, I have commitments that would not allow me to leave home and work to attend a traditional program. The combination of live session, recorded session, online forums and 1:1 time with the chef instructors enables me to learn and grow my skill set in a way that is tailored to my learning style and needs. This coupled with the online technical support and assistance for externship placement, are exciting me to begin.”

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Mitchell Rodriguez

Mitchell Rodriguez

“I’ve gained a better understanding of how to execute a variety of techniques as well as how to manage a kitchen. I went from washing dishes and cleaning a commercial kitchen to managing my own within a two-year span. Escoffier has given me the culinary and business tools, resources, knowledge and self-confidence I need in order to make my dream a reality!”

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Anthony Avasakdi

Anthony Avasakdi

“Working a full time job and having a family to support, time is still tight to go to school full-time. I have been looking for a long time for a program that could be done 100% of the time online. This program will be able to give working people in the hospitality industry an opportunity to earn a culinary certificate in a good amount of time.”

“I feel like I will be able to advance with a culinary certificate in my current company. It will also boost my resume having education as well as work experience.”

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