April 29, 2013
Posted in: Announcements

It’s no secret that breweries are a big part of why so many travelers and students at Colorado culinary schools love the city of Boulder. According to Forbes magazine, there are more than 40 microbreweries within Boulder’s boundaries, which explains the rise of a new dining theme in the area, the “brew-bistro.”

Although the term bistro may bring thoughts of Parisian streets, beautifully ornate dishes and glasses of red wine, Boulder is trying to put a new twist on this tradition with their many award-winning craft beers.

Forbes says that Boulder is at the heart of the small start-up brewery business, so it was just a matter of time before this trend would begin to take off in the area. FATE Brewing Company, which is calling itself Boulder’s first brew-bistro, has more than 30 brews on tap. Many of these beers are their own creations, although they do make room for a rotating guest beer.

However, the brews aren’t the only thing the city is buzzing about. If you’re a student in the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, you’ll be happy to know that FATE also offers chef-inspired meals, including smoked paella, chili-rubbed trout and roasted vegetable bruschetta.