March 26, 2013

If you’re enrolled in a culinary arts school and looking for ways to get your kids just as excited as you are about food and cooking, the simple answer you’re looking for may be to go on vacation. In one of the latest trends to hit the U.S. travel industry, many upscale resorts are now offering cooking classes for kids and using the classes to get children into the kitchen to learn more about the foods they eat.

According to ABC News, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts can be credited as the first to delve into this idea. When looking for activities that parents and kids could do together, the hotel chain developed a program where, under chef supervision, kids would cook and serve dinner to their parents.

Kids can now take cooking classes at resorts in Tennessee, Maine, Florida, North Carolina and more, according to Forbes.

The interest in focusing on health from a young age has stemmed from initiatives led by public figures, like First Lady Michelle Obama.

“Michelle Obama has made a huge difference in the way we think about healthy food and what’s in the food we eat,” Kyle McCarthy, editor of Family Travel Forum, told the source. “The impact on the conversations in schools on this topic is huge and vacations are a natural offshoot of that.”