March 27, 2013

Barbecue is the name of the game in the South, and if you’re attending the Escoffier culinary school in Texas, odds are you may be gearing up to try your own take on this regional favorite. In 2013, barbecue cooks and enthusiasts in Houston were able to put their expert skills and signature flavors to the test and partake in the first ever Houston BBQ Festival. Once your culinary school experience is complete, you’ll be good and ready to join in on the fun!

The Houston BBQ Festival is the brain child of Chris Reid and Michael Fulmer, two local barbecue lovers who have made it their mission to find the best barbecue in the city while celebrating unique local cooking traditions. Around 15 Houston barbecue joints participated in the first annual event on March 24, and helped to place Houston on the Texas barbecue map once and for all.

“People all over love to eat it, argue about it, debate it,” said Reid, according to “Houston hasn’t been part of that discussion. That conversation can happen in Houston. Now it’s time.”

The festival featured a diverse range of barbecue flavors, including Creole, Cajun, Mexican American and African American.