September 29, 2015
Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is ecstatic to announce the addition of an intensive culinary training program that offers students the ability to dig deeper, extract more and better prepare themselves for their future careers. With the new Associate of Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts, students dive into a 15-month long, full-time training program that covers everything from foundational techniques to restaurant management.

This is an exciting opportunity for those with a passion for the culinary arts to get an in depth education that prepares them for an exciting career. But you better move fast. Enroll now for the November 9th start date!

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                                                                         Some Program Highlights Include:

The Numbers

  • Ten, 6-week blocks.
  • Full-time program at 90 credit hours.
  • Small class sizes.
  • 360 hour industry externship for real-world experience.
Culinary Arts

  • Curriculum includes modern & classic approach.
  • Personal culinary education experience.
  • Hands on industry training.
  • Students who graduate can pursue careers as a line cook, sous chef, garde manger, catering assistant, executive chef and more.
Farm-To-Table Experience

  • Gain in-depth knowledge through hands-on participation at a local farm.
  • Learn to minimize & manage food waste to be sustainable as well as cost efficient.
  • Work with local farmers to grow and harvest food.
  • Observe how to make the best ethical and sustainable choices for your culinary career.