April 12, 2013

With many cities across the South stepping up their game with creative soul food, it’s no surprise that Southern living in allowing their readers to help name the “South’s Tastiest Town.”

Until April 15, voters can choose from 10 cities, including Asheville, Atlanta, Austin, Charleston, Durham, Greenville, Louisville, Memphis, Miami and New Orleans. Because all of these cities have their own unique flavors and cuisines, the competition is stiff between these Southern hubs. The lucky city will be featured in the May issue of the magazine and readers will also be entered into a chance to win $1,500 after voting online.

The flavors of the South are complex and vary greatly by region. In Charleston, for example, the city’s seaside location finds a lot of chefs in culinary school cooking fresh seafood. In cities like Austin and Memphis, barbeque is king. For New Orleans, residents can enjoy their very own regional cuisine, known as Cajun or Creole cooking.

According to the Illinois Times, Southern staples are becoming more popular across the country and include delicious dishes like collard greens, rich cornbread, smoked pulled pork, fried chicken and sweet potato pie.