April 5, 2013

If you’re just getting started in culinary school, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “in season” once or twice.

There’s a big reason for this – mostly because eating seasonally and locally is one of the best things you can do to make your recipes taste great year-round. As an added bonus, it’s great for the environment too!

When you buy produce you have to keep in mind how it is going to taste after the dish is prepared. All the salt and pepper in the world aren’t going to capture that freshness you get from biting into seasonal vegetables.

There’s also a human side to eating seasonally, as it supports your local economy and farmers’ markets. Learning about the different growing seasons also connects you to nature and reduces the carbon emissions needed to transport fruits and vegetables from far away. It’s also better for your wallet! Food that is farther away is naturally going to cost more.

Perhaps most importantly, seasonal produce is fresher and just tastes better. Now that spring is in full swing, pick up the loads of veggies and fruits that will be popping up soon and get started making delicious dishes with the cooking basics you’ve learned so far.