January 24, 2014

A Year in Review 2013 Accomplishments2013 seemed to fly by here at the Austin campus of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts! With things moving so quickly, we often miss the big picture of what we’re accomplishing. So this week we decided to take a step back and reflect on the successes of 2013. Here’s what we found:

  • We watched over 250 new students come to our campus
  • We have 10 new Culinary Arts groups and 8 new Pastry Arts groups
  • We had 8 Pastry Arts Grand Buffets
  • We had 22 Culinary Arts Culmination Meals – that’s menu planning for more than 110 locally sourced courses!
  • Our Pastry Arts groups all together made over 1,100 cakes
  • Our Culinary Arts students butchered 11 whole pigs from nose to tail
  • Students had the opportunity to volunteer at over 30 on-campus events
  • 11 of our Culinary Arts groups logged 935 hours working with 16 local farmers, ranchers and artisans during the Farm To Table® Experience.
  • Those same 11 Culinary Arts groups logged 440 hours of work in our Agricultural Learning Center
  • Along with the Garden Club, our Culinary Arts students harvested over 500 lbs. of produce that went straight into our kitchens
  • We hosted 2 graduation ceremonies honoring 177 graduates

We’re excited to share the successes of 2014 with our current and incoming students. Let’s see what this year brings!


If you are interested in attending Pastry or  Culinary School, contact our campuse for more information:

1.866.552.2433 Austin Campus