January 31, 2014

BBQ web series expands productionIf you are enrolled in Austin culinary classes and love good barbecue, you might head to YouTube on occasion to watch videos from the best pitmasters. Austin’s very own Aaron Franklin has been producing a web series called “BBQ with Franklin,” and it was recently announced that the series is expanding to TV. Franklin Barbecue, the pitmaster’s own restaurant, features brisket, ribs and pulled pork by the pound.

The show will soon be moving to a season format and will air on the PBS network. The 10 new episodes will feature Franklin exploring barbecue in and outside of Texas. Don’t worry if you love the web series, because the instructional videos will still be produced. In fact, the YouTube channel just reached 1 million videos.

Franklin describes the new TV series as a “barbecue variety show,” according to TMBBQ. Additionally, the show will feature barbecue legends and different types of equipment, like smokers. So the show is also a learning experience for Franklin, along with the viewers. “BBQ with Franklin” is set to air in about a year. Check out the series if you want a behind-the-scene look into the world of barbecue.