December 1, 2013

0017963.14.13FTTWhen I first began my culinary program at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, I couldn’t wait to be involved in the “Farm to Table” experience. Being one of the main reasons I chose to attend Escoffier was for that very program; I was beyond excited to enter that point in my curriculum. However, that particular program did not appear until the very end of the curriculum and I was still really anxious to learn more about sustainable agriculture. I did a little asking around and found that the school had a garden club that was open for any student to join and become involved. I was very excited at this possibility because gardening is one of my foremost hobbies and I knew it would be a great way to meet other students who shared my same interest.

The garden club was led by an instructor at the school, which helped to further my culinary education as well. Not only was I learning a great deal about organic, sustainable gardening, but I was also learning about different techniques in preparation of this produce. I was able to make the connection between planting the seed of the produce and serving the food item in a culinary dish. It’s amazing to see how much you can become connected to a particular dish by actually growing the food and harvesting for consumption. I began to have a greater respect for my food and take higher care in the preparation of the produce, which ultimately, led to a better tasting dish. I think it is amazing that Escoffier offers opportunities like the garden club to students. It allows for students to become more involved in their craft and provides another learning aspect outside of the kitchen.