May 6, 2014

I had a chance to speak with Culinary Arts student Enovia Sharpe today about her exciting externship opportunity and how coming to Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Austin has helped prepare her for bigger moves in the future.

Enovia Sharpe

Escoffier: Did you move to Austin to start school?
Sharpe: Yes. I lived in Nolanville before coming to school, but I have gone back and forth a bit to visit home so that I could spend time with my nephew and family.

Escoffier: What was it like to move to a new city to pursue your dream?
Sharpe: It was definitely a different challenge for me, but I’m finding that I really love being in new places and trying new things. I really felt that Austin was where I wanted to learn about culinary arts and I know I made the right choice.

Escoffier: What has been the most challenging part of being in school away from home?
Sharpe: The hardest part has been being away from my little nephew, but I’ve always found a way to make it work and go visit.

Escoffier: I heard you have some exciting news about your externship. Care to share?
Sharpe: Yes! I was offered two different externships. One was with Yellow Stone National Park at Old Faithful and the other was with Princess and Holland in Alaska. I chose to accept the position in Alaska. There, I will be able to switch around to different restaurants in the port and learn from lots of new people in new kitchens!

Escoffier: Alaska is much farther away from home than Austin! Are you excited?
Sharpe: I am very excited, but I’m also scared! This will be the first time I’ve been this far away from home and family. It won’t be the same not being able to visit them as often, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Escoffier: Do you think that coming to Austin to go to school prepared you for moving to Alaska for your first job in the industry and if yes, how so?
Sharpe: Yes, I believe it has. I’ve learned how to focus on school and still manage to make time for the other things that are important to me. I know this will help me in the future to be able to balance life and work. Also, I’ve learned so much from the different Chef Instructors here. I can’t wait to use my skills in Alaska!

Escoffier: Do you have any advice for incoming culinary students?
Sharpe: My advice would definitely be to listen to your Chef Instructors. They will give you valuable advice that will help you down the line. And remember to have fun while you are here. The people you meet will help you through the program and have the potential to be your friends for life. I know I definitely plan to keep in touch when I’m in Alaska and through whatever else I go on to do after!