August 10, 2011

By Laura Roberts
Escoffier Austin graduate Lorri Hamm is currently in the process of starting her own pastry truck, and YOU can help!
With the help of fundraising website Indie-Go-Go, Lorri is offering a variety of sponsorship levels for her (as yet unnamed) macaron truck, along with special bonuses for those who contribute to her campaign. Become an “Intern” by donating just $10 to the cause, and you’ll receive exclusive blog entries and photos detailing the process of starting the truck. Each level up offers more exclusive perks, topping out at the $1,000 “Ruler of the World” level, where you’ll receive sponsorship signage on her trailer, as well as a macaron named in your honor, sampler cookies, and more!

Why macarons? Lorri states on her fundraising page that “Austin needs some real French macarons,” as very few pastry shops here sell them, and most do not make them in-house. Also? “I make killer macarons.”

So why help fund this foodie endeavor? Opening a food truck is a costly business (only slightly less so than opening your own restaurant), and Lorri is looking to economize wherever possible. Your donations will help her buy a starter trailer, get it up to code for ensuing macaron madness, help secure a physical location, and get the marketing show on the road. Recipes and licensing fees are going to be paid out of her own pocket, and Lorri’s philanthropic funders will help her realize her dream—as well as getting to sample her wares in advance. It’s win-win!

A recent graduate of Escoffier Austin’s Baking & Patsy program, Lorri has previously interned at Austin’s parkside, under the tutelage of Pastry Chef Steven Cak. She is currently combining her two loves, cooking and photography, with her pastries-and-photography boutique, Play Pastries.

To contribute to her Indie-Go-Go campaign or learn more about the macaron truck, check out