September 13, 2011

By Laura Roberts

The great-grandson of Auguste Escoffier himself, Michel Escoffier recently visited both the Austin and Boulder campuses of our school to great fanfare! As the president of the Auguste Escoffier Foundation and Museum in Villeneuve-Loubet, France, Michel’s visit was a symbolic gesture, passing the culinary torch from his family to ours.
The partnership between our school and the Museum in France, where Auguste Escoffier lived and worked, means much more than sharing a name associated with culinary excellence. Michel has entrusted us with his family name in order to share his great-grandfather’s innovations in the kitchen with our students, and to help them each build the firm foundation that will enable them to develop their own culinary innovations.
One of the highlights of the visit was lunch at Congress, where Chef David Bull was honored to have his copy of Le Guide Culinaire signed by Escoffier’s great-grandson. Michel was also presented with a special amuse-bouche, created by Chef Bull for the occasion, consisting of a corn custard ravioli, corn ratatouille, and fried squash blossom.
The Austin leg of Escoffier’s U.S. visit was covered by both Addie Broyles of the Austin American-Statesman