February 19, 2014

Brittney Castro started school with us here in November of 2013. I spoke with her briefly today about her decision to come to school and what she thinks so far.

Escoffier:What made you decide to go to pastry school at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts?
Castro: I really wanted to do something that I loved as a career and not just do a job because it would make a lot of money.

Escoffier: Have you been interested in baking for a while?
Castro: Yes! Ever since I was a little girl. My mom couldn’t bake at all – like, she couldn’t even warm up bread in the oven – I’m not kidding! So I kind of took over that role in our household and became the family baker. I’ve loved it ever since.

Escoffier: How long have you been in Austin? Did you move here to go to school?
Castro: I moved to Austin in November and then found Escoffier. I knew I wanted to go to pastry school so I started researching as soon as I got here.

Escoffier: And what made you choose us over the options in Austin?
Castro: Everyone at the Escoffier campus was so welcoming – it felt like a family. And I knew I would want that. I also felt like everyone here wants you to understand the industry and to really learn the things you come here to learn. You’re not just another number here. They care about you as a student.

Escoffier: So how’s it going so far?
Castro: It’s going really well. It’s a lot of fun!

Escoffier: Have you come across any challenges?
Castro: Just lack of sleep!

Escoffier: Are you scared of anything?
Castro: I’m scared of my externship. I think because I want to work in a restaurant so I’m a little…well, maybe I’m more excited than scared. I feel like the program is going to help me to do my research and find the right place for me. I know that by the time it comes, I’ll be prepared.

Escoffier: What advice would you give to incoming pastry students?
Castro: The sacrifices you make when you come here are totally worth it. If it’s that you’ll lose out on some sleep or social time, in the end it will be okay. You’re going to be prepared for a career in the industry and that is definitely something I’m okay with.