February 28, 2014

Chef Greg Dishman, Culinary Arts Instructor

I had a little extra time today to walk around the kitchens and catch up with some of our Chef Instructors. While doing so, Chef Greg Dishman, one of our Culinary Arts Instructors, enlightened me on some survival tips for Culinary School. Here are the top ones!

  1. Come to class!
  2. Get a job in the culinary industry WHILE you are in school. This will help you to become faster, have your foot in the door when you graduate, build your resume, and much more.
  3. Explore the culinary industry around you.Go to farmers’ markets, go to new restaurants, look at the new ways foods are being grown, prepared, served…everything!
  4. Do your homework. Know what you’re expected to do when you walk into the classroom.
  5. Learn to work in a team environment. This is a diverse industry and you are going to see all kinds of personalities. When you put artistic personalities under pressure, as long as they know how to work as a team, the experience will be enjoyable and productive.
  6. Always be enriching and updating your resume. Participate in a culinary competition, take advantage of working events on campus and seize any opportunity to build your resume.
  7. Cook outside of your comfort zone when you are at home. Go home and try new things. You’ll have some failures, but then you’ll have successes and the knowledge you gain from both will only help you in class.
  8. Remember, you get out what you put in.You will get more out of your experience if you are passionate and dedicated and you stay focused and work hard.