June 15, 2011

by Laura Roberts

To truly experience Austin, locals say you’ve got to get friendly with the smoker—or, more specifically, with all things BBQ. Many cities can claim barbecued items of distinction, like St. Louis’ spare ribs and Kansas City’s many pork products. So what makes Texas BBQ unique?

It’s the brisket, baby!


While many an Austinite will try to lure you down to Franklin Barbecue’s smoke shack for what is allegedly the best brisket in town, there are plenty of sweet meats around town to choose from. One need not wait in line all morning to enjoy our city’s fine beefy treats. Here’s just a short list of BBQ joints in Austin that are sure to satisfy your tender, juicy, smoked meat cravings:

  • Rudy’s – 11570 Research Blvd, 2451 S. Capital of Texas Highway, 7709 N. FM 620 + various locations throughout Texas
  • Ruby’s – 512 W. 29th
  • Stubb’s – 801 Red River
  • House Park Bar-B-Cue – 900 W. 12th (where you “don’t need no teef to eat my beef”)
  • Sam’s BBQ – 2000 E. 12th (who claim to be the originators of the “don’t need no teef” phrase, according to the blog To Serve Man
  • Live Oak Barbecue – 2713 E. 2nd (which throws down a direct challenge to Franklin Barbecue with their motto “You can get here after we open!”)

And, of course, if you’re the type who doesn’t mind camping out the night before to score, Franklin Barbecue is located at 900 E. 11th (closed Mondays).