March 27, 2014

Boulder pastry chef gives advice to young chefsJoanna Powell is a young pastry chef working out of the Boulder-Denver area. After wrapping up her culinary education, she quickly nabbed a head pastry chef position at Cafe Aion and works there now on a part-time basis. The cake sculptor splits her time with two other eateries, Beehive and Fior di Latte, according to Eater.

Powell told the source in an interview that an early love of pottery and sculpture got her into the field of culinary arts. She worked at a grocery store to gain experience in cake decorating and was inspired by Food Network’s challenge reality shows. Additionally, her instructor Amy DeWitt, who owns Cream Puffery, helped build her culinary background.

She offers some advice to aspiring culinary students:

“I think if you love it and you have that drive that’s really all you need,” Powell told Eater. “It’s just about wanting to get up early and not thinking about it as a chore. It’s wanting to stay there until it’s done, it’s wanting to work in a hot kitchen.”

If you’re interested in cake decorating or making food sculptures, you need to start by enrolling in a Boulder pastry program. This will help you learn the basics so you can be successful in your culinary career. Once you get the right education you need to apprentice at a bakery to learn directly from the professionals.