December 8, 2013

Professionally-educated cooks are always in demand…however, there are hundreds of other opportunities to put your culinary education to use. Here are just a few ideas outside the box!

Research Chef
With a constant demand for new products, research chefs are highly desired by larger companies to develop recipes. If you have a background in science, you may get a very lucrative job due to the level of specialization needed.

A food trendologist evaluates consumer demand trends from an analytical point of view. You would generally provide research for marketing branches of large-scale food industry operations.

Food Critic
For those with a talent for words, there are many potential places of employment, from magazine publication companies to local papers and even blogs. Traveling and trying food adds a nice perk to the job.

Chef Instructor
Chef instructors can make a very desirable salary while sharing their knowledge and passion. Expect to gain at least a few years of experience, generally starting out on the line or participating in entry-level back of house duties.

Starting a business can involve great risks, however, with great risks can come great rewards. Owning a restaurant or another venture can provide a limitless salary and exceptionable flexibility and freedom.

Many more opportunities await. Apply today!