November 14, 2013

By Stacy Greenlee, Culinary Arts January 2013

DSC_0153As a graduate of the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts who went through the Boulder culinary program, I have the privilege of being able to “look back” on my experience at Escoffier, as well as the program. Throughout the program, I was extremely immersed in the culinary arts, as well as I am now, and I believe that the school influences and motivates students to explore their culinary passion more deeply. I have always enjoyed writing about food, restaurants, culinary practices, etc., and informed the career services department of this enjoyment, expressing that I would like to write about culinary arts as a career. As a result, the school’s career services department aided in this choice of mine, and influenced me to become involved in different facets to explore my writing.

I was given the opportunity to create and write for the Boulder campus school newsletter, the student blog on the Boulder website, and the career services newsletter, as well as being referred to numerous Escoffier Alumni. Rather than guiding and forcing me into a field of the culinary arts, the staff at Auguste Escoffier allowed me to choose the path that I felt most interested in, and then provided me with anything they could to help me along my way. However, I also believe the school does a wonderful job of aiding those students who are unsure of which facet in the culinary arts to start a career in. With numerous meetings set up between student and career services, every student seems to be given the utmost attention in providing success in the chosen career. Without a doubt, the career services department at Auguste Escoffier is an outstanding source and contributes to the success of each Student at Escoffier.