April 10, 2014

The Culmination MealThis past week, I had the opportunity to photograph Chef Pablo’s AM Culinary Arts groups as they served their end-of-program culmination meal. For the culmination meal, students do their own menu planning with the objective of using only locally sourced items. Each meal consists of at least five courses and this round presented things like spring beet and watermelon radishes salad, pan-seared scallops with acorn and butternut squash puree and chili avocado creme, shrimp scampi with risotto milanese, seared duck breast with sweet potato puree, sousvide lamb with yellow cauliflower puree and wild mushroom demi-glaze, and mocha gelato with chocolate quinoa cake.

It’s absolutely amazing to sit and taste these wonderful courses and to see Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts students preparing and serving them – all the while knowing that every ingredient is sourced locally. This component of the Farm To Table® Experience really sparks excitement for things to come in regards to both the growing agricultural learning center and incoming students!

Here is what Chef Randal Sansom had to say about our culmination meals:

“These meals are a great experience for our students as well as our staff because they really give us the opportunity to ‘practice what we teach’. The students are given ingredients for the meal and we coach them through how to assemble the different plates. Through this, they learn to plan an entire meal. Everything from the menus and decorations to the appetizers and entrees, even the service, is presented to their instructors, fellows, and friends as a culmination of the students’ Farm To Table® Experience.”


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