April 11, 2014

By: Helena Stallings, Culinary Arts Student

There are many culinary schools across the United States that offer a solid, but very
generic education and for Jerrica Heggernes that wasn’t enough. Heggernes moved from Ohio to
follow her passion and found that Escoffier was exactly what she was looking for. She was first
drawn to Escoffier’s Culinary Arts program and the Farm to Table curriculum, but found that she wanted to pursue the Pastry Arts instead. Now almost halfway through her program, Heggernes and her classmates are practicing artisan bread baking and learning the methods to chocolate

In our interview Heggernes touched upon Escoffier’s teaching of methods as opposed to
strictly teaching recipes, and the same is true for both the Pastry and Culinary Programs. At
Escoffier the instructors’ encourage their students to step outside of their comfort zones and use
recipes as more of a guideline than the law. By teaching the use of methods, students are able to
take a more creative approach to their cooking or baking and really develop a strong
understanding of the food they are preparing