March 13, 2014

Austin's Qui makes GQ's top restaurant listIf you attend Austin culinary school or just are into the local food scene, you may want to check out Qui. According to Austinist, it just landed a top spot on Texas Monthly’s list of best bars and restaurants. Now, the eatery has been named the “Most Outstanding Restaurant of 2014” in GQ’s March issue.

Here is some insight into this eatery and why it is making waves in the local and national food scene:

Qui opened in June 2013 and has been wowing diners since. If you take a look at the video on the establishment’s website, you’ll get some information on how the restaurant was developed and the creative process that lies at its foundation.

Paul Qui, the owner of the establishment, sought out other creative minds to help build a food venue that puts a heavy focus on artisanal work by people in the Austin community. He worked with a pottery company to build his own unique plates. Additionally, Qui partnered with a sewing company that created the chef’s colorful patchwork aprons.

At first glance the menu at Qui seems simple, but the execution and flair for color and food styling is what makes the restaurant stand out. There’s a Ode to Michel Bras, which is simply a mix of vegetables from Austin-area farmers. The fish toast is made with ora king salmon, mojo verde, thai chili and trout roe. Additionally, there is the Broken Arrow Axis, which is a venison tartare with coffee and egg yolk.

Diners can also try the lamb and clam dish, which features koshihikari (a Japanese short-grain rice) with razor clams, lamb belly and wild mushrooms. For dessert, guests can enjoy Halo Halo, which is a mix of seasonal fruit, ice and milk. The more adventurous types can dig into the cheddar cheese ice cream, which includes a crispy waffle, goat milk cajeta, and peanut praline along with the ice cream.

If you’re heading to this popular restaurant anytime soon, you should try its range of craft cocktails. Sip on the Saucy Jack, which is made with a two-year-old Clear Creek apple brandy, Hamilton Jamaican black rum, luxardo maraschino, maple syrup, five spice and orange bitters. That English Devil is made with ginger beer, allspice dram, curacao, lemon, Tapatio tequila blanco and Pimm’s No.