January 22, 2014

Boulder Food Truck Chili Cook-OffThe Boulder Food-Truck Chili Cook-Off was held Saturday, Jan. 18 at the Sanitas Brewing company. The event included live music from Moonshiner as well chili entries from five local trucks. Here we have compiled a bit about each competitor.

The brainchild of chef John Campbell, Heirloom puts the emphasis on farm-fresh ingredients. Campbell’s training began in California and continued on to Washington, D.C., at America’s first certified organic restaurant, Restaurant Nora. He has brought this knowledge of organic food to Boulder, where his truck serves up seasonal dishes on a rotating menu. Examples include griddled lamb sliders with muenster cheese, curried onion jam and sweet potato threads as well as his seven vegetable coconut curry over basmati rice.

McDevitt Taco Supply
A taco cart on the Pearl St. Mall started by Bradford and Clayton McDevitt, the McDevitt Taco Supply offers up daily specials along with taco standards such as chicken, pork and vegetables. Daily specialty fillings range from Thai ginger tilapia to chocopotle beef. Over the years the cart has expanded to include a festival touring version that travels the country bringing the joy of tacos to all.

Bumper Crop
This food truck is headed by two husband and wife teams and focuses on Southwest-inspired fare. This means that lunch at the Bumper Crop food truck could consist of anything from street tacos and burritos to fresh wild Alaskan salmon cakes and roasted jalapeno, cheddar, and bacon mac and cheese. According to their blog, the team at Bumper Crop is planning on entering two chilies into the competition, buffalo and vegetarian green.

The Verde food truck prides itself on offering authentic Sonora-style Mexican food. For the Verde team, this means a special tortilla made in the Sonora Desert and a style of preparing food that leaves out excess fillers such as rice and beans. Their menu features Mexican staples such as burritos, tacos and quesadillas, as well as breakfast taco and burrito options.

Cheese Louise
Cheese Louise focuses on an all-grilled-cheese, all-the-time menu. As one of the only food trucks in the competition to not have any strictly Southwestern food on their menu (unless you count their pepper jack and turkey grilled cheese), it will be interesting to see what kind of chili they pull out for the competition. Is cheese chili a thing?