December 9, 2013

Boulder provides fertile ground for entrepreneurship and food cultureBoulder, Colo., is one of the best places in the United States to be an entrepreneur, according to Inc. Magazine, and that is especially true in the food industry.

There are few cities in the country where you can put the skills you’ve learned in a culinary arts program or baking and pastry classes to work more than in Boulder. With its diverse food culture, attention to healthy living and emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly food sourcing, Boulder offers people interested in furthering their career in the restaurant industry opportunities to do so in an exciting setting.

Building your own business
Many people take cooking classes with the goal of someday opening their own restaurant. It’s a dream that requires skill, education, hard work and experience. But if you’re willing to improve yourself, it is one that is certainly realizable. And that’s where Boulder’s fertile entrepreneurship environment comes into play.

According to an August 2013 report from Kauffman Foundation, Boulder had six times more start-up tech companies per capita than the national average in 2010. And that spirit of entrepreneurship extends to other industries as well. The overall economy in the area is extremely prosperous, ranking in the top 20 most productive metropolitan areas in the U.S. in terms of GDP and, at just 5.4 percent, the rate of unemployment is well below the national average.

Those factors are why starting a business in Boulder, including opening up a restaurant, is such an attractive proposition.

Putting your Boulder culinary classes to work
If, however, you are just starting out on your path toward becoming the next top chef in the U.S., Boulder also offers a host of opportunities for you to work in some of the most exciting kitchens and food organizations you’ll find anywhere. One of those kitchens is actually called The Kitchen, and it is run by local culinary hero Kimbal Musk.

Among the many progressive cooking projects Musk is taking part in is a billboard campaign that is intended to spread the word about healthy, sustainable eating. He has used advertising space donated by CBS Outdoor to post simple, cheap, healthy recipes that families and even children can use to make home-cooked meals.

It is all part of Learning Gardens, Musk’s nonprofit organization that aims to put gardens on school playgrounds and teach children about the joys of growing and cooking their own food. He hopes that children, especially in lower-income neighborhoods, will learn cooking skills they can take home and share with their families.