February 19, 2014

Boulder's Shine Restaurant puts nutrition at the forefrontShine Restaurant and Gathering Place is a relatively new eatery to open in downtown Boulder. At first glance it may look like it produces your typical fare, however, nutrition plays an important role at the restaurant.

Started by two sisters, Shine dishes out organic food sourced from local meat, fish and produce vendors. Additionally, the owners go an extra step to make sure what they serve is healthy. For example, the eatery’s website says it soaks, sprouts and ferments some menu items to ensure they bring nourishment to diners.

Many of the dishes on the lunch menu have a nutritious twist to them. The ravioli is grain free and made with roasted butternut squash, apple cider, local greens and toasted pumpkin seeds. The burger features local, 100 percent grass-fed beef, and some cheese options are dairy free. Additionally, there is a long list of salads like the probiotic slaw sampler, the soba and seaweed salad, and the beets and blue salad.

As for the dinner menu, it’s completely gluten free. It features pan seared ruby trout, braised local lamb fettuccine and its house-made coconut curry. There are a variety of tacos on the menu as well. You can choose from chicken, trout or jackfruit flavors.

If you attend a Boulder culinary school, you’ll want to see this healthy yet flavorful restaurant fare firsthand.