March 17, 2014

Colorado Craft Beer Week announcedColorado Craft Beer Week is returning to this year from March 21-29. The week-long celebration of Colorado’s craft beer culture is being kicked off with the Collaboration Fest, where brewers from across the country work together to produce brand new, exclusive beers for the event. Throughout the week there will be a variety of events, including a five-course dinner with beer pairing at Lou’s Foods and an 80s-themed party celebrating the newest craft brewers to open up shop in Colorado.

Colorado is a hotbed of craft breweries. There are about 200 craft breweries in the state, almost 8 percent of the national total. With so much of the industry located in the state, Craft Beer Week promises to be a very interesting and informative experience for everyone in attendance. As microbreweries become more and more popular in the American food culture, culinary arts school students would serve themselves well to learn about the different craft breweries in their areas and how those beers can complement their dishes. Attending Colorado Craft Beer Week may be a great opportunity for aspiring chefs and beer-lovers alike.