December 26, 2013

Ecoconscious establishments contribute to sustainable diningTaking an environmentally friendly, sustainable approach to any business requires effort and attention to detail at every level. The products being sold, the way they’re delivered and even the building you operate out of have to all be part of the equation. And no type of business seems to understand that better these days than the restaurant industry.

While farm-to-table may be the term of the moment, in order to make a restaurant a truly eco-conscious outlet, the edifice itself has to be a part of the dynamic. In Colorado, one of the centers of sustainable dining in America, that concept has been integrated incredibly well.

Architecture firm takes part in drive for sustainability
In the Denver/Boulder area, the architectural firm Arch11 has been at the forefront of building sustainable, food- and chef-centric restaurants all over town. From brewpubs to juice bars, the company has been using its clean, sleek designs to create hip environments for Coloradans of all stripes.

One of the biggest reasons Arch11 has become the go-to architecture firm for restaurants in and around Denver and Boulder is the increasing popularity of open kitchen designs, an area in which they specialize. Open kitchens – where diners actually get to see the chefs at work on their meal – have grown in popularity right along with the sustainable food movement. These days, not only do people want to know where their food came from, they want to watch it being prepared. It’s yet another step in the evolution of the modern dining scene.

Arch11 has built or is in the process of building 10 restaurants in the area. By working with chefs who have a deep desire to put together sustainable dining outlets, and by helping them realize those dreams, the firm has become an integral part of the food industry in Denver and Boulder. And the establishments it has built should be must-sees on the list of anyone who has taken Boulder culinary classes.

Sustainable food in the Denver airport
You don’t have to live in Denver or Boulder to get a taste of the wonders their local chefs are doing with farm-to-table cooking. All it takes is a stopover at the Denver airport, where Modmarket, a casual eatery that offers healthy, farm fresh food will soon be opening store.

The company’s focus on providing farm-to-table dining at moderate prices could also serve as a model for other restaurants around the country that strive to do the same thing.