February 12, 2015

Try these local Boulder sandwich shops.For a lot of us, the true measure of a city’s culinary chops is what it has to offer those looking for a quick but satisfying bite to eat. If you’re a student currently enrolled in a Boulder culinary school or a lifelong resident of the area, then you’re no doubt already aware that the city has a fantastic restaurant scene. With so many options, it can be incredibly difficult to decide where to go when you need to grab some food on the run. If you’re looking for a meal that’s portable, simple and delicious, try these three restaurants for some of the best sandwiches in Boulder:

Half Fast Subs
The Colorado University Independent, a student run newspaper, recommends that those looking for a great submarine sandwich in Boulder head down to Half Fast Subs. Located on the corner of Broadway and 13th Street, the restaurant has become a favorite among local undergraduates for its great food, reasonable prices and casual atmosphere. The sandwich shop truly has something for anyone and everyone who walks through the door, as the menu has both classic, meat-intensive options and vegan and vegetarian sandwiches. Half Fast also serves beer and mixed drinks in both single glasses and pitchers, and they bake fresh brownies and cookies to be sold alongside its sandwiches.

Deli Zone
Some people say you shouldn’t cover a song unless you bring something new to it. Deli Zone is effectively a cover restaurant for New York City style sandwiches, but it does so with its own personal flair. The restaurant serves up classic East Coast favorites like the Philly cheesesteak, gyro, reuben and more, much to the delight of its dedicated customer base. Perhaps even more notably, the eatery has an established breakfast menu, which, according to The Colorado Daily, has an item on it named the Joe Namath Sandwich which features everything you could want for breakfast and more! The Deli Zone has three locations around Boulder, found on College Avenue, Valmont Road and Baseline Road.

Snarf’s Sandwiches
Snarf’s boasts two Boulder locations, on Arapahoe Avenue and Pearl Street, both of which are constantly flooded with customers drawn to the chain’s incredible sandwiches. The eatery has made a name for itself by offering seven and 12-inch sandwiches that come in almost two dozen varieties. Better still, the shop makes some of its own condiments, such as a spicy pickle relish, that you can order on your sandwich or buy separately to take home. If you’re looking for a quick sandwich in Boulder, you should definitely give Snarf’s a try.