June 17, 2015
Posted in: Culinary Arts
Culinary arts students should check out these awesome food podcasts.

Culinary arts students should check out these awesome food podcasts.

Have you noticed that podcasts seem to be making a comeback? Whether you’re into real-life crime dramas (“Serial”) or how Tupperware works (“Stuff You Should Know”), there’s a podcast out there for everyone – and that includes Texas culinary arts students. The next time you’re commuting to class, queue up one of these awesome food podcasts and learn a little something extra:

‘America’s Test Kitchen’
“America’s Test Kitchen” isn’t just a podcast – it’s a real place. Inside a massive kitchen near Boston, dozens of cooks refine recipes that you can use to test the skills you’ve learned in your classes. Episodes often feature celebrity guests and span the spectrum of culinary arts – from a discussion of Mexican flavors with Rick Bayless to the science behind fad diets.

‘The Splendid Table’
An oldie but a goodie, “The Splendid Table” is consistently cited as one of the best food podcasts out there. It comes to us from American Public Media and is hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper, who has an infectious enthusiasm for food. Past topics include tips for pairing wine with junk food (yes, you read that right) and a discussion of pickling. Turn this one on while you’re perfecting the techniques you learned in your Austin culinary arts courses.

‘Burnt Toast’
You might already be familiar with Food52 – it’s a wildly popular website about (you guessed it!) food, cooking and eating. It is from these minds that “Burnt Toast” sprang, and it shows. The highly entertaining hosts explore worthy topics that have yet to be covered on the site – think how to make lunch more interesting and what makes a good cookbook.

‘Food is the New Rock’
As residents of a city that truly values music, Austin culinary arts students will definitely want to subscribe to “Food is the New Rock.” DJ Chuck P and writer Zach Brooks spend each episode either talking food with a musician or talking music with a foodie. Learn about the music Wolfgang Puck chooses for his restaurants and the barbecue that Joe Kwon of The Avett Brothers thinks is best.

‘The Sporkful’
If you’re studying to be a chef, chances are you have an appreciation for eating. And with that in mind, the tagline of this podcast really says it all: “It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters.” The creator and host, Dan Pashman, is a two-time James Beard Award nominee (impressive, right?). Pashman uses the podcast as a medium to discuss everything from Asian-American cuisine to what exactly makes a hashbrown a hashbrown.