April 8, 2020

It’s no secret that Escoffier’s Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts students, as well as our Chef Instructors, are passionate about food and the business of food. Food podcasts are a great way to expand the ways we think about food, find opportunities, and get more creative…all while being entertained.

If you’re quarantined like we are, you might as well focus on what you’re passionate about: cooking and food! Whether you want to open your own restaurant, learn to cook healthier cuisines, or understand the business side of food, you’ll get plenty of ideas in these episodes.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite food podcasts:

Restaurant Unstoppable

Restaurant Unstoppable PodcastWhether you are currently in the foodservice business or a budding entrepreneur, Restaurant Unstoppable is a great source of guidance on how to run a successful restaurant business. Host Eric Cacciatore brings together restaurateurs, chefs, and other leaders in the industry to give restaurant operators the knowledge to win.

The tools covered in this podcast are applicable to businesses even outside of the food industry with advice on how to scale internal culture, product marketing, and how to be authentic in life and business.

Listen to Restaurant Unstoppable here.

The Sporkful

Sporkful podcastIf you’re studying to be a chef, chances are you have an appreciation for eating. With that in mind, the tagline of The Sporkful really says it all: “It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters.”

The creator and host, Dan Pashman, is a two-time James Beard Award nominee (impressive, right?). Pashman speaks with world-renowned chefs, comedians, and others to cover everything from Asian-American cuisine, emotional eating, to what exactly makes a hashbrown a hashbrown.

Listen to The Sporkful here.


Gastropod PodcastScience meets history in Gastropod, a podcast hosted by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley, that covers topics ranging from the health implications of Omega-3 fatty acids to whether insect guts are the secret ingredient for making the best kimchi.

The dynamic hosts speak with a wide variety of experts, and also take us on field trips to archaeological digs to understand how the ancients grew food.

We recommend checking out one of their more recent episodes that dives into the age-old debate of whether whole wheat is really healthier than white.

Listen to Gastropod here.

The Splendid Table

The splendid podcastAn oldie but a goodie, The Splendid Table is consistently cited as one of the best food podcasts out there. Coming to us from American Public Media, Francis Lam, the current host and award-winning writer, takes us on a diverse journey back through time as we go over food history and listen to expert interviews and questions with the audience.

Past topics include discussions with frozen burrito royalty, tips for pairing wine with junk food (yes, you read that right) and a deeper look at the foods that connect us regardless of culture.

Turn this one on while you’re perfecting the techniques you learned in your online culinary arts programs.

Listen to The Splendid Table here.


Gravy PodcastWhen most of us think of the South, it brings memories of home-cooked meals and family gatherings. Created by the Southern Foodways Alliance, Gravy is a podcast that takes listeners on a journey into the soul of Southern Cuisine and its rich history with food.

Gravy covers some of the more diverse aspects of the history behind Southern cuisine from Mahalia Jackson’s Glori-Fried Chicken to the blend of Mexican cuisine in Arkansas.

First-time listeners can dive into any episode and feel right at home.

Listen to Gravy here.

Spilled Milk

Spilled Milk PodcastMolly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton bring a comedic twist to food in their podcast Spilled Milk.

From Korean BBQ and ice cream sandwiches to PB&J and quesadillas, the two comedians hilariously riff on the different foods that are common in our daily lives and discuss their food travels. This is a podcast that is made for foodies and non-foodies alike – it will make you laugh over and over again.

Listen to Spilled Milk here.

‘Proof’ by America’s Test Kitchen

Proof PodcastCritically-acclaimed and long-time cooking show, America’s Test Kitchen, brings us their latest podcast, Proof. Each week, Bridget Lancaster dives into puzzling food questions that you may have never realized you had: Why do we get cravings? Why not eat bugs? What’s the best food to wish for if you are stuck on a deserted island?

If you are a fan of unraveling mysteries and myths, then Proof is the food podcast for you.

Listen to Proof here.

I’ll Drink to That

Ill Drink To That PodcastLet’s face it, most of us wish that we knew more about wine. In this podcast, Levi Dalton, a former sommelier from New York, brings in some of the world’s greatest winemakers to talk about the different trends in the wine industry. With a charming interviewing style, you will also hear stories about vineyards and cultivation techniques around the world that will set you up to become a connoisseur.

So settle back, uncork a bottle of Bordeaux and delve into the rich world of wine.

Listen to I’ll Drink to That here.


Doughboys PodcastWe join another pair of comedians, Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger, as they bring their talent for humor to the food scene. Doughboys is a podcast that covers chain restaurants around the country.

Mike and Nick bring their shared love of food as they give you interesting insights into the history and specialty foods of each restaurant they stop at, while still managing to find a way to argue about everything in this highly-entertaining podcast.

Listen to Doughboys here.


Preheated PodcastFor baking aficionados, look no further than Preheated. Award-winning bakers and self-described “passionate amateurs,” Andrea and Stefin bring their expertise and casual humor to each episode as they discuss the different recipes and techniques they try.

Beyond baking, the lifelong friends also bring valuable kitchen wisdom that will be sure to inspire you to hone your skills.

Listen to Preheated here.

The Ultimate Dish

The Ultimate Dish podcastJoin Escoffier’s very own Chef Kirk T. Bachmann as he covers good food, inspiring stories, and deep-dive talks featuring the world’s most innovative culinary educators, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and more.

The Ultimate Dish delves into the lives of the amazing people shaping the world of food and drink.

Listen to The Ultimate Dish here.

If you work in or run a restaurant or other food business, or if you have specialized knowledge on food or a technique, you might consider getting yourself invited to speak on one of these podcasts.

Podcasters are always on the hunt for new content, so why not share your story? It’s a great marketing strategy for building your business or career.

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