May 15, 2014
Go for a picnic: Gourmet style

You could easily put together your own picnic basket using skills you learned from Texas culinary arts courses and head to the nearest park to soak up the sun, spend time with friends and family and enjoy the tasty treats you packed. But what if you could have a picnic while supporting nonprofit charities and eating gourmet food at the same time?

Pop-up picnic
This professional picnic event will be taking  place on April 12 – you can celebrate the gorgeous spring weather in Austin with acclaimed chefs from around the city in Palm Park. These chefs will be selling baskets to raise money for the Waller Creek Conservancy. This Austin nonprofit organization aims to create a healthy ecosystem for the creek as well as surrounding areas. The creek has lived through flash floods and trash dumps, and the organization is trying to restore the one mile stretch of creek so the community can enjoy it. Last year, the conservancy helped clean Waller Creek and Palm Park which eliminated piles of garbage like rusted metals, Styrofoam cups, glass and ?soggy cushions.

The baskets
These picnic baskets will be on sale from $30 to $150, and they’re well worth the price considering some of the delicious treats you’ll be getting. Be sure to pack your appetite, here are just a few local restaurants that will be filling the baskets with their tasty food:

Contigo: Fresh bar food
A picnic basket from Contigo is sure to be filled with fresh, quality ingredients. This restaurant updates their menu daily to keep customers coming back for more. From chicken thighs and burgers to fries and grilled cheese, this establishment can please even the pickiest of eaters.

Elizabeth Street Cafe: French Vietnamese cuisine
This cafe sells classic French cuisine that picnic-goers will get to enjoy. Elizabeth Street Cafe has kid-friendly foods like coconut fried chicken nuggets, Nutella bahn mi and chicken and rice soup. Adults will love the BBQ pork, housemade spicy pork meatballs, fried shrimp and drunken noodles.

Home Slice Pizza: Pizza
If you attend this picnic, you’ll be getting some of the best pizza in Austin. The joint sells New York-style pizza along with sub sandwiches, calzones and salads.

Jeffrey’s: Fine dining
It’s not often that you get to enjoy fine dining at a picnic, but on April 12, you can! Jeffrey’s will be bringing their gourmet food so that customers can enjoy crispy oysters, warm spinach salad, chilled lobster, steak and potato salad.

Other restaurants participating in the outdoor event includes Justine’s, Lucy’s Fried Chicken, Salt Lick BBQ and La V.