March 6, 2014

Insight into the selection process of Denver's best new restaurantsIf you attend a Boulder culinary school and your dream is to open up an eatery in the area one day, you may want to make 5280 Magazine’s list of best new restaurants. This publication is nicknamed “The Denver Magazine” and contains what locals need to know regarding to food, entertainment, fashion, wellness and events in the area. For its March issue, food editor Amanda Faison compiled a list of the top ten restaurants in the Denver-Boulder area that opened within the last year.

This year the top restaurants are The Plimoth, Cafe Max, Olive & Finch, Lower48 Kitchen, Los Chingones, Beast & Bottle, Acorn, The Curtis Club, Session Kitchen and Old Major.

Faison sat down with Eater Denver to explain her thought processes behind choosing the top ten eateries. According to Eater, more than 300 restaurants opened in 2013. Faison visits as many of these places as possible and narrows the list down to 30 spots. She explained that all of the restaurants represent different types of cuisine and dining styles.

“You can get fine-dining fare (Acorn, the Plimoth, Lower48 Kitchen, the Curtis Club, Beast & Bottle) without the white tablecloth and, often, without the price tag,” Faison told the source.

Why they stand out
Faison looks for eateries that are worth their associated costs. Additionally, she seeks out exciting restaurants that are relevant to the food scene. The picks also show confidence in their menus and food preparation, proving they are top contenders.

Service Matters
Regarding service, Faison pointed out The Plimoth and Cafe Max both have polished and gracious servers that put the focus on the diner’s experience. However, these eateries have two different dining styles – Plimoth is a neighborhood dinner spot and Cafe Max is a European-style cafe.

Take these components into consideration when opening a restaurant in the Denver area.