December 23, 2013

Make your Christmas dinner a farm-to-table experienceThis Christmas, don’t just go with the same old ham or turkey from a large factory farm, go out and discover the farm-to-table options in your neighborhood and take full advantage of the skills you picked up in your culinary class.

Across the country, restaurants and home cooks are turning to sustainably sourced products to fill their Christmas table with dishes that are both delicious and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re planning on going out on the town for a full-course meal or whipping up a special meal at home this holiday, following in the footsteps of the farm-to-table movement will make your Christmas all the more special.

Aspen provides Colorado cooks with an amazing Christmas treat
Colorado has long been a leader in sustainable sourcing, and one of the state’s premiere tourist cities, Aspen, will take that tradition to a whole new level this Christmas. People who have taken Colorado cooking classes, whether it was to become a professional chef or to enhance their skill set in their home kitchen, will want to take notice of how this resort city uses farm-to-table to build on its legacy as one of the world’s top winter destinations.

The Edge at Timberline Condominiums is setting a new standard for Aspen this Christmas behind the leadership of Head Chef James Mazzio, who was named best new chef by Food & Wine Magazine in 1999. Now that he’s at The Edge full-time, Mazzio is applying a farm-to-table focus to his signature Mediterranean-style cuisine. Every ingredient in the kitchen is either sourced from within Colorado’s borders or bought from a Colorado-based company.

Christmas desserts
No major meal is complete without a delicious dessert. But even graduates of pastry classes and baking courses know that finding sustainably sourced ingredients can be particularly difficult with the piece de resistance of a filling dinner, especially since so many desserts have been borrowed from worldwide cuisines that require regionally specific ingredients.

Fortunately, Chef Joe Truex, who runs the Watershed on Peachtree in Atlanta, a restaurant that focuses on farm-to-table, provided The Daily Meal with a couple of suggestions for anyone who wants to make a dessert that is notable for its sustainability.

  • He offers this delightful take on traditional chocolate cake that will leave your guest marvelling at your baking ability while also begging for more.
  • And if you like your dessert a little more on the savory side, try Truex’s popcorn balls, which incorporate bacon and sweet syrup.