May 5, 2014

New trend Bottled cocktailsFood trends come and go, but one of the newest crazes to step into the spotlight are bottled cocktails. If you sit down at a bar and ask for a cocktail, you’re usually given the beverage in a glass. But now, your bartender may ask you if you would like your drink bottled. Pre-made bottled cocktails are now being served throughout the Austin bar scene.

Why bottled cocktails?
Many people are asking about this change in presentation of cocktails and why it was necessary. Part of the reason behind this is to eliminate waiting time. Bartenders won’t have to designate as much time to crafting these cocktails – they can just grab the bottle and hand it on over to the customer. Putting beverages into bottles is also a way of ensuring quality – mixologists can fine-tune a particular concoction and bottle it. The cocktails are pre-mixed in a large batch, carbonated, sealed and chilled, eliminating the need for ice.

Bottled cocktails have already found their way into major cities such as Houston, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and of course, Austin. If you want to give this cocktail trend a try, visit any of these bars that have embraced the unique serving style:

Austin Cocktails
This establishment is known for its high-quality beverages. Mixologists use six-times distilled vodka made in a continuous column still. Natural herbs such as basil and mint are infused into the cocktails to give them a fresh and unique taste. Drinks are also sweetened with fresh fruit juices and organic agave. Despite the splash of sweetness, all of the cocktails are under 100 calories, so customers don’t have to purchase the guilt that often comes along with certain beverages. Patrons can choose from a number of bottled cocktails, including the Vodkarita – a mix of vodka, natural lime, natural orange and agave nectar – and the Tea Twister, made up of vodka, real tea, natural lemon and organic agave nectar. Other popular bottled cocktails include the Paradise Found, with vodka, stone and citrus fruits, basil, natural coconut water and organic agave nectar, and the the Cucumber Vodka Mojito complete with vodka, natural cucumber, mint, lime and organic agave nectar. Enroll in a Texas culinary arts school to learn how to craft your very own custom cocktail.

Weather Up
Weather Up owner Kathryn Weatherup is launching a bottled cocktail program at her bars in Austin and New York City. One of the bottled drinks that is said to make an appearance on the menu is the London Calling, made with gin, sherry, simply syrup, fresh lemon juice and orange bitters. Weatherup’s menu also has 108 classic cocktails from which customers can choose.

Bar Congress
This artisan cocktail lounge and wine bar is extending its menu to include bottled cocktails. Bar manager Jason Stevens uses only local ingredients and spirits to mix into his drinks, supporting local distilleries such as Balcones. Stevens also puts his own spin on traditional cocktails like the gin and tonic. He adds hop-infused gin, homemade tonic spiced with herbes de Provence, cassia, black pepper and grapefruit peel. Customers can now experience some of Stevens’s perfectly concocted beverages in bottles.