October 20, 2014

This portable espresso machine uses human power, not batteries.Hugo Cailleton was sick of bad drinks made in hotel room coffee makers. He used his experience as a designer to create a hand-pumped espresso maker called the Minipresso.

The mechanics

He designed the machine to be portable and easily stored.The Minipresso website states that it is perfect for use while camping, traveling, and even when you don’t have time to get up from your desk but want a hot cup of espresso.

The machine’s pressure per square inch is 116, the same amount of pressure that is used by traditional espresso machines. Special care was taken to lessen the distance between the water tank and the coffee chamber to allow for little loss of heat during water displacement. Inside of the Minipresso is 75 degrees Fahrenheit which allows for the perfect temperature and crema when poured into a cup.

Pumping the machine is no harder than manually inflating a bike tire. The amount of time spent pumping depends on the grind of coffee. The machine is easily cleaned by running it under your kitchen sink tap and rinsing the coffee adapter compartment so that is free of grinds. It is not dishwasher safe.

How-it works

To use the Minipresso the only things needed besides the machine are coffee grounds and hot water. Fill the scoop (included) with your desired blend of coffee, turn the scoop upside down and tamp. Pour 2.4 ounces of hot water into the chamber and start pumping. Within moments a flavorful 1.7 ounce espresso is yours in the back of a safari Jeep, at the kids soccer tournament or at your cubicle. The Minipresso is great for adventurers who will be out of reach of civilization and busy on-the-go urbanites alike.

The Minipresso is currently available for preorder for $39 and is set to be shipped in early 2015.