March 25, 2014

Pastry Students Dabble in Farm To Table® ExperienceChef Pavla had the opportunity to take her mid-day Pastry Arts class to visit Coyote Creek Farm in Elgin last week. Here’s what she and her students had to say about the experience:

Chef Pavla: What a warm welcome we received from Coyote Creek Farm! The whole day was a big eye opener for these pastry students – learning about sustainability and organic farming. The experience of feeling, smelling and learning to understand the aspects of the life of a chicken was so interesting! Wow! Many thanks to our wonderful guide, Cameron, for empowering us to support sustainable farms and communities. It was truly a wonderful day for us.

Here are some student responses to my questions about their day:

Escoffier: Overall, how would you describe your experience at Coyote Creek Farm?
Tori Egbert: It was incredibly fun and educational! It was also really great to leave the kitchen and see another part of the culinary industry first-handedly.

Escoffier: What did you expect to learn and were you surprised by anything?
Jennifer Johnston: We went to learn about chickens and the production and packaging of eggs. I was impressed to learn that even after the chickens serve their purpose on the farm they are sold to someone else to live out their lives.

Escoffier: What was the most interesting thing that you learned on the farm?
Erica Speegle: Chicken psychology! I didn’t know how much people invest in making chickens happy, but it actually affects the eggs a lot.

Escoffier:What do you think you can take away from this experience and apply to your work in the pastry industry?
Tori Egbert: I appreciate organic and local products a great deal more now and am determined to greatly incorporate farm-to-table in my future bakery.
Erica Speegle: I think that the taste and texture of eggs used in baking is often discounted, but really they make a huge difference. Good quality, healthy eggs make the taste and texture of the product exponentially better!
Adam Coleman: Respect for the ingredients and a desire to find and produce the highest quality products