October 2, 2014

Trove is Seattle brings four concepts to one kitchen.The culinary couple of Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi have made quite the impact on Seattle’s culinary scene since arriving in 2007. After meeting in New York City, Yang and Chirchi moved to Seattle and opened Joule in 2007, which was followed by Revel in 2010. Now, the duo has launched an innovative concept in the Emerald City’s Capitol Hill neighborhood – Trove. For those in culinary arts programs, the chefs’ hard work and passion showcase what can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Yang and Chirchi have built a culinary empire on the Puget Sound, and Trove is perhaps their most interesting concept to date.

Trove stands out not only for its large 4,000-square-foot space, but also because it houses four restaurant concepts under one roof. Whereas most chefs would be intimidated merely opening an establishment of this size, Yang and Chirchi have developed four distinct Trove entities: BBQ, Parfait, Noodles and Bar. The Trove BBQ is the main component of the space, focusing on Korean barbecue, complete with built-in table grills for a do-it-yourself experience.

The second component of the multifaceted restaurant is a seemingly sawed in half Korean ice cream truck, which serves up frozen custard from three rotating taps. The third concept is a noodle counter offering up house-made noodle dishes. The last is a sit down bar boasting a custom cocktail menu and six local taps, as well as selected international beer offerings. Though these four ideas are distinct and have disparate names, they intermingle in a common space that allows diners to enjoy all of the offerings in one outing.

The chefs worked with Electric Coffin, Heliotrope and Dovetail General Contractors to bring the space to life and make it their own. The idea for four separate eateries came about while searching for the right locale to open a Korean barbecue joint. The space proved perfect for the barbecue, but also too big to do it alone.

In an interview with Eater, Yang explains, “Your family’s going out and having this campfire barbecue where everyone’s involved, everyone takes part in it. We love that whole aspect about cooking. We thought, ‘My god, this will be so cool to have in Seattle.’ So we’ve been wanting to do that for a while.”

Both Chirchi and Yang are still full-time chefs, and now owning three (or six, depending how you look at it) restaurants, this duo is sure to be busy as they continue to bring their food to the Seattle population.