April 28, 2014

Taking a look at Austin's FairAustin is a unique destination for those interested in good food, diverse entertainment and sustainable living. The Fair Market event space recently opened to take advantage of the influx of tourists from the South by Southwest music festival, according to the Austin Chronicle. And while the party has wrapped up, Fair Market is still around offering its bar and event space to customers.

The project is led by restaurateurs Delfo Trombetta and Jesse Herman, along with other business professionals. Fair Market makes up a few buildings with 16,000 square feet of interior space. Anyone can rent the space for parties like weddings and corporate events.

In addition to being a party venue, Fair Market will also play host to a weekly market.

“What we envision is a multi-faceted weekly market with arts and crafts, food artisans, food trucks, and farmers’ market component,” Herman told the source. “Something on the order of Brooklyn’s Flea with Smorgasburg: an indoor market with all kinds of vendors, including food. Just being over here the past few days and seeing the energy in the neighborhood, I really think that concept will be very successful.”

Catering end
Herman heads ups the restaurants La Condesa and Sway. They will be on the list of the available caterers for the Fair Market event space, yet the space will be open to others caterers.

Food trucks
From time to time, there will also be food trucks parked outside of Fair Market, like Herman’s own La Condesa mobile eatery.

Fair Market is located in a historic part of East Austin, on 110 East 5th Street. It’s close to downtown and is easily recognizable by the quonset-hut style architecture of the building.

According to the Austin Business Journal, the owners felt like the East Austin area already had plenty of standalone bars, so they wanted to create of a community venue for local markets and craft fairs.

Check out the upcoming events if you attend Texas culinary arts school or you are a local foodie.