March 5, 2014

Top Denver chefs featured in pig cuisine tourIf you are enrolled in Boulder culinary courses you have a chance to become a top chef in Colorado. The types of events in which you are invited to participate can be an indication of success. Some are local and others have a national audience. One example of an upcoming event in the area is Cochon 555, a culinary tour that is making a stop at the Ritz-Carlton in Denver on March 9. The event’s goal is to increase culinary professionals’ knowledge of heritage pigs.

According to Eater, this event will feature five all-star chefs, five different pigs and five wineries. The chefs in the lineup include Bill Greenwood of Beano’s Cabin, Paul Reilly of Beast & Bottle, Jennifer Jasinski of Rioja, Justin Brusom of Old Major and Steve Redzikowski of Oak on Fourteenth.

On the tour, each of the five chefs can prepare up to six dishes from the heritage breed of pig that has been designated. Cochon describes this event as an evening for “professional diners.”

About heritage pigs
The mass production of the meat industry has caused many prized breeds to go unused. For pork, in particular, the historic breeds are often referred to as Heritage pigs. Pork breeds differ in flavor and marbling of the meat. Here is some information on the breeds that will be featured at the Cochon 555 culinary tour:

Berkshire – Jennifer Jasinski of Rioja will cook the Berkshire breed from the Cone Ranch. Often called the “black pig,” this breed is known for being juicy, tender and flavorful.

Chester White – Paul Reilly will be cooking the Chester White pig. It originated in the county of the same name in Pennsylvania in the early 1800s. It’s known for its white color and large body.

Duroc – Justin Brunson will be making his dishes from the Duroc breed. It’s known for having sweet meat, great marbling, and tasty shoulder and rib meat.

Large Black – Bill Greenwood of Beano’s Cabin will be cooking a Large Black hog from Rocky Bottom Ranch. This breed of pork is lean yet micro-marbled for great flavor.

This culinary event is not only a chance to taste regional fare from some of the area’s top chefs, it will also give you a first-hand look (and taste) at some historical breeds of pigs.