September 12, 2016

Many people still see vegetarian burgers as nothing more than a meatless imitation of the traditional beef patty. However, students enrolled in culinary academy will learn that these sandwiches can be packed with delicious flavors and satisfying textures all their own. When you learn what goes into making a better veggie burger, you can develop exciting variations with flavorful patties and a wide range of toppings.

Meat-free majesty
Several pitfalls go along with making a vegetarian or vegan burger. They often come out either too dry or too mushy, lacking the perfect medium-done juiciness of their beefy counterparts. In addition, the patty’s flavor can be bland, relying entirely on toppings and condiments to save the day.

“Several pitfalls go along with making a veggie burger.”

However, there are ways to prepare veggie burgers that transcend these common issues. Serious Eats recommended fending off mushiness by removing some of the moisture from the beans in the oven. Then, contribute flavor and juiciness by mixing in some crumbled feta cheese, plus sauted onions, peppers and garlic.

Bon Appetit offered further advice to ensure quality texture when making black bean burgers. This recipe calls for including roasted shiitake mushrooms in the mix. The combination of mayonnaise, egg yolk, miso, chili powder, agave, paprika, and cayenne, plus cheddar and Cotija cheeses, brings plenty of taste to the table.

If that’s not enough mushroom for you, portobello can make an excellent patty. Epicurious advised preparing the mushroom by brushing on olive oil and seasoning with salt and pepper before grilling. After about four minutes on each side, it’s ready for you to add your preferred toppings.

You can liven up veggie burgers with a variety of tasty toppings.You can liven up veggie burgers with a variety of tasty toppings.

Herbivore-friendly grills
Many chefs have found their own inventive spins on the veggie burger. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or a carnivore open to something different, chances are you can find tasty creations perfectly suited to your preferences.

At chef Brooks Headley’s New York City eatery, Superiority Burger, the namesake menu item is available in both vegetarian and vegan versions. The precise contents of the burger are a secret, but it contains nuts that give it a unique flavor. As GQ noted, fresh, delicious toppings of tomato, lettuce, dill pickle and Muenster cheese add plenty of great texture to the experience.

If you’re attending a Boulder culinary school, be sure to stop by Leaf to try out the seasonally changing menu of meat-free favorites, including an exceptional mushroom burger. The portobello patty comes accompanied by red onion, walnuts, feta cheese and pepper jelly on a vegan bun. If diners include eggs in their diets, they have the option to add one cooked over easy.

As for the Austin culinary arts scene, you can’t go wrong with the veggie burger at the curbside favorite Arlo’s. The gluten-free, soy patty comes in two styles. The Bac’n Cheeze burger features seitan bacon, vegan cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. On the other hand, you can opt for a burger with barbecue sauce and chipotle mayo.

Veggie burgers don’t have to be dull in flavor or disappointing in texture. While earning an online cooking certificate, you can experiment with a variety of recipes and try out different accompaniments to make an exceptional alternative to the very best beef hamburgers.

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