May 24, 2018

If you want to pursue a career in professional cooking, there are many paths you can explore. You may decide to start a catering company, lead an institutional kitchen, turn out delicious meals at a resort or craft inventive dishes in a restaurant. Wherever your objectives take you, you will rely upon the fundamental cooking skills that you learn from a culinary arts education.

Earning a culinary arts certificate online from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts could be the start of fulfilling your goals as a professional cook. By undergoing your training online, you can make your education fit into your schedule and complete tasks in your own kitchen. You’ll finish with an extensive knowledge of advanced techniques, experience in preparing a wide variety of tasty meals and much more:

Develop your understanding of key concepts

“The beginning of a great career in food is a firm grounding in fundamental concepts.”

The beginning of a great career in food is a firm grounding in the fundamental concepts behind professional cooking. Your online education will include courses that teach you the essential terms and techniques that every chef should know. You’ll explore an array of cooking methods and find out how properly setting up your station – or “mise en place” – gets you ready to handle different tasks.

You’ll learn through a combination of required reading, independent research, videos and online discussion. Drawing on this structure, culinary students engage with the ideas such as the philosophy of the farm-to-table movement, including the value of sustainable practices and the means of discovering local sources for ingredients. They study a wide range of culinary traditions, finding out more about the characteristics of American, European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian cuisines.

Build on your abilities in the kitchen

Expanding on your cooking skills is likely the main focus of your education, and students attending culinary arts schools online have plenty of opportunities to practice and receive feedback. They document their progress as become more capable with a knife and more attentive to how particular seasonings help to perfect a flavor profile, receiving individualized pointers from chef educators. Trying your hand at frying, sauteing, poaching, steaming, roasting and braising foods, among other methods, will broaden your horizons and prepare you to take on all the tasks a professional kitchen might send your way.

Of course, you can’t learn everything about working as a chef from cooking at home. Taking part in an industry externship will give you the chance to apply all your lessons and gain real-world experience. Over several weeks, you get the experience of being a part of the team in a professional kitchen and form connections that could prove highly valuable when you’re looking for your first position after culinary school.

Cutting vegetables.Online culinary courses allow you to further your skills in your own kitchen.

Explore how to run a business

Being a great chef is not always enough to reach your long-term career goals. Becoming a leader in a restaurant or catering company requires a combination of culinary ability and business savvy. That’s why your online education also involves opportunities to learn about demands of entrepreneurship.

The courses offer lessons in areas such as planning a menu and setting prices to make an establishment financially viable. Other classes look at planning a facility’s design and layout and preparing a business plan. With a background in the concepts that lead to success in culinary businesses, graduates are ready to handle the challenges of managing or owning an enterprise.

Online culinary courses equip you to pursue a career as a chef and entrepreneur. With the convenience of completing classes in your own home, you can go from honing your foundational techniques to creating remarkable new recipes.

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