April 4, 2014

By: Helena Stallings, Culinary Student

At the beginning of 2013, Rick Gallup moved from a small suburb of Chicago to Boulder
to begin Auguste Escoffier’s Culinary Arts Program. After he completed the classroom portion of
the program, Gallup went on to intern at Fate Brewing Co., Dillinger’s and Mud Rocks in
Boulder, CO. During his internship, Gallup continued working with Escoffier’s Career Services
Department to find work after his internship and when a chance to move to Europe arose, Gallup
jumped at the opportunity. “I’ve never left the U.S” Gallup told me during our conversation, “I
don’t even know French.” Gallup worked closely with Chef Mark in Career Services to secure
his placement with La Maison de Bournissac, a 1 Michelin Star Restaurant and Hotel in Northern
France. Although he doesn’t know what to expect, Gallup is incredibly excited to begin this new
journey in his life and pursue a dream that he never thought was attainable.

As a current Culinary Arts student, it’s incredibly encouraging to hear success stories
such as Rick Gallup’s. After photographing a guest speaker at the Escoffier School of Culinary
Arts Boulder Campus, I was fortunate enough to both meet and interview Gallup before he
leaves the United States behind to pursue his passion of cooking in France. Seeing his passion
for his culinary school and his work has reignited my own passion and has inspired me to strive
to obtain as much knowledge as possible while still in school. Escoffier not only provides
students an ideal environment to learn in, but it also gives us the tools and opportunities to make
the most of our careers.