November 14, 2013

Minita BohraThis could be you!

Minita Bohra enrolled in our Pastry Arts program in April 2013. Today, she is externing with New Jersey’s Pink Cake Box, one of the country’s premier cake shops.

How I got my externship: I was interested in cake decoration, so I was looking at the top ten cake decoration boutiques, and Pink Cake Box is in the top five. I followed them on YouTube for tutorials and I thought of applying. They liked my resume and my blog, and they asked me to come in for a stage. They asked me to do various tasks and to make a couple of things like buttercream and meringue. And they saw my piping skills.

How my blog helped: My blog was a simple one. I posted exciting stuff we baked in school and other home projects. [Along with photos] I wrote a couple of sentences about the things I Minita's Pink Cake Box cakeexperimented with and learned about in school. Writing a blog was really helpful. Our Chef Instructor had asked us to start one. It is really beneficial to keep records of your past for when you want to show people what you are capable of doing. I gave other chefs the blog address when applying for jobs so they could see my work.

My advice to landing an externship: Apply, apply, apply. If you want to get a place you desire, you should have lots of options open. Make use of social media. I created a blog and made contacts through LinkedIn and Facebook.

In the end, Bohra had four externship offers to choose from and went with her first choice at Pink Cake Box.

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