December 9, 2019

Think You Can’t Afford to Attend Culinary School? Think Again.

Are you at the beginning of your career path – life after high school?

Or have you been faced with an unexpected career shift because of changes in your current industry?

Maybe you’re an empty-nester and you’re ready to pursue a new challenge.

Whatever the reason, you’re exploring the possibility of studying culinary arts

But you’re wondering, “Can I afford it?”

You’d be surprised. There are plenty of culinary school scholarships and funding options available to those who qualify if you know where to look for them – and we’re here to answer your financing questions.

We’re going to share the top three scholarships available…but there are more

Here Are the Top Three Culinary School Scholarship Opportunities:

Chef adding microgreens to a plate

James Beard Foundation Scholarships

If you’ve followed food culture even casually over the years, you’ll know James Beard and the legacy he left in the culinary arts. Since its founding in 1991, the foundation has awarded over $8 million in culinary school scholarships and other financial aid to 2000 students and counting. They do this through three avenues:

  • Friends of James Beard: Cash grants applied directly to tuition and related school expenses.
  • James Beard School Scholarships: Tuition waivers granted by culinary schools.
  • Grants for working culinary professionals: Financial assistance for people working in the culinary industry to further their education through experiential learning at farms, fisheries, wineries, and other food production venues.

We can help you figure out which financing option is best for you.

A baker in her bakery

National Restaurant Association Education Foundation Scholarships

Founded in 1987, this association is a champion for people from all walks of life wanting to build career-ready skills in the restaurant and food services industry. Over the years they’ve given $23 million in financial aid to youth and adults at all stages of their career while helping to build a robust hospitality industry in America.

These include:

  • ProStart® for Students: Geared towards high school students who want to get a jumpstart on their career in the restaurant and food services industry.
  • ProStart® for Educators: Designed to enhance industry knowledge for people teaching in the culinary arts.

Applications for their scholarship open January 15, 2020 and close March 15, 2020. We can help guide you through other financing options for your culinary career.

Chef plating a dish

American Culinary Federation’s Education Foundation Scholarships

The ACF has been a hospitality industry-leader, in fact, they’re credited with elevating the status of chefs in the country from service status to professional status. Their high standards of training have – rightfully – earned them a reputation as a key ingredient in the culinary arts world. And they’re the largest professional chefs organization in North America.

That’s great news for students because it’s their goal to promote American cuisine – and all the professionals in the industry who support its growth and success. Their culinary school scholarships help thousands of up-and-coming professionals in the hospitality industry get the best education possible.

You might qualify for one of their scholarships…and let’s find out if you qualify for other financing options!

Now It Is Up To You!

A recent survey indicates that you’ll change careers an average of seven times before you retire. Some of those changes will be by choice, others because of changes in the job market. Some of them will be lateral moves within your industry, others will be a complete departure from your original path.

>Whether you’re considering…

  • what to do after graduating high school
  • what to do when you’re downsized out of your current job
  • how your future will look like now that you have the freedom to pursue a hobby and turn it into a fulfilling career

…don’t let finances get in the way.

There are so many options for financial support for those who qualify – including culinary school scholarships – and so many opportunities for people willing to take that leap and get the education they need to be successful.

We’re here to help you find the right path to your career in the culinary arts. We’d love to help you on your culinary journey, so contact us!

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This article was originally published on June 5, 2017, but has since been updated.