May 25, 2023

New Education and On-The-Job Training Tools Debut

In addition to tasting and experiencing the latest culinary trends, attendees at the 2023 National Restaurant Association show May 20-23 can learn how to find, train and retain skilled candidates for culinary positions by visiting leading workforce solutions partner, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, debuting at booth #5334.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 500,000 new foodservice jobs will be added in 2023 and 87 percent of operators say they will likely hire staff if there are qualified applicants available. Unfortunately, more than 79 percent also say it’s difficult to fill open positions.

Escoffier designed its education-focused workforce development solutions to connect employers and recruiters with its national resources of culinary candidates. The Escoffier Works initiative focuses on education and training to help create a stronger, more skilled workforce. Escoffier Works can offer employers a suite of specialized culinary upskilling (training and continuing education) tools designed to help find, develop, and keep talented staff.

“We’re in a unique position to offer employers tailored on-the-job training and education tools and help build in-house programs,” said Denise Sullivan, Escoffier’s vice president of Enterprise Solutions.

Escoffier Connect, Works’ specially-designed technology platform, provides partners access to an extensive job board and Escoffier’s network of culinary-focused candidates, including graduating students completing their externship requirement. Employers in hospitality, restaurant, food management, healthcare, and senior living industries are starting to take advantage of Escoffier’s options.

“We continue to hear firsthand about the recruiting and retention benefits of connecting employers to our talent pool through Escoffier’s proprietary tools,” added Sullivan. According to Angry Cactus, Escoffier’s Work and Learn option incorporates education and training to help create an environment for success for both the employer and student.

According to a recent Gallup survey, upskilling opportunities are a powerful attraction tool for employers, and one employees seek. More than 65 percent of workers surveyed believe employer-provided upskilling is important when looking for a new job and 61 percent said upskilling opportunities are an important reason to stay at their job. A whopping 75 percent of workers who participated in an upskilling program said it helped advance their careers.

Escoffier Works includes a broad range of customizable education and training tools, including online courses, on-the-job training resources, and professional development modalities. “These tools can help employees enrich their career path and give employers valuable resources to leverage for staff development and retention,” added Sullivan.

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