February 24, 2014

Austin's Russian House showcases regional cuisineRussian fare isn’t readily available in Austin, according to the Austin Chronicle. One of the few eateries in the city boasting this type of fare closed its doors in 2013. But there is still a place where you can enjoy the country’s culture, and that’s Russian House. Check it out if you’re enrolled in an Austin culinary program, so you can learn more about this great culture.

According to the source, Russian House is run by Varda Salkey and her chef husband Vladimir Gribkov. The restaurant has a large menu that showcases all the different types of cultural cuisine offerings. You can break down the establishment’s food offerings into two groups: the Baltic states, which constitute the European part of the country, and the area that includes the Arctic tundra and Siberia.

Regional entrees
European – Russian House’s Ukrainian borshch is made with beef and potato with a beet base. Along with it you can try the pirozhok, which is a bun-filled meat.

Siberian – Try the pelmeni, which are dumplings filled with meat that are served with sour cream and other dipping sauces.

Caucasus – If you are a fan of the Winter Olympics, which are taking place right now in Sochi, Russia, try some of the nation’s typical fare. For example, Russian House makes shashlik?s, which are meat and fish kebabs.

Other entrees
There is so much more to dish about regarding Russian House’s menu offerings. There is Uzbek plov, which is made with rice, lamb, carrots and onions. The health conscious might enjoy the stuffed vegetables – a light and nutritious dish, according to the menu. It is filled with bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant, and stuffed with pork and beef. Golubtsy is a cabbage dish with ground beef, pork and herbs.

Russian House also offers a range of sweet endings to their meals. You can try a sweet russian blini, which is a crepe made with your choice of filling, including fruit jam, honey, condensed milk or peanut butter. There is also a baked apple dish that is filled with cottage cheese, honey, pecans and prunes. If you stop in at the Russian House, one dessert you have to try is the Babushka Rosa’s treat, which is a family recipe of the owners. It’s a hard chocolate fudge served with walnuts and biscuits.