August 9, 2011

By Laura Roberts

Bon Appetit Magazine has a list of 15 Ways to Use Avocados, as if good old-fashioned guacamole just isn’t good enough for people anymore. We at Escoffier Austin beg to differ, having consumed our weight in guacamole over the years. Still, the magazine does have a point with #8: avocados are great on toast with eggs!

As a big fan of this creamy, green fruit, I like to use avocados in all my Tex-Mex creations—from tacos to salad bowls to quesadillas, and even as a dip for tortilla chips. But since I usually have at least two avocados on hand at all times, occasionally I engage in some experimentation. The results have yielded such tasty treats as Scrambled Eggs with Avocado, or the time-honored grilled cheese kicked up a notch with a little green gold.

To make a really outstanding grilled cheese sandwich, try adding a little avocado with this simple recipe for Green Grilled Cheese. You’ll never go back to those plasticky “cheese” slices again!

Green Grilled Cheese


  • 1 avocado
  • Rye or pumpernickel bread
  • White cheddar cheese


  1. Scoop your avocado out onto a plate, and mash into a nice thick paste
  2. Shred cheddar cheese and place on top of bread.
  3. Insert cheddar-topped bread into your toaster oven, and toast until cheese is slightly browned.
  4. Remove toast (carefully!) from the toaster oven, and spread avocado onto each piece.
  5. Enjoy sandwiches open faced or put two halves of the bread together to create a creamy, cheesy, avocado-y taste sensation!