February 10, 2014

Boulder drink buzz the snowballHave you ever heard of a drink called the snowball? The cocktail has been making its rounds on a variety of local online publications. The drink is a mix of vodka, Fresca and lime juice. What makes this cocktail a regional treat is Fresca soda and the use of a local Colorado-made vodka.

If you attend a Boulder culinary school you may want to hone your chops on the art of cocktail making as well. Here is one way to make a drink fit for a Colorado native, the snowball:

1 part Colorado vodka or liqueur
2 parts Fresca or Sprite
Lime or lemon wedge

Rub your glass with the citrus wedge and dip it in sugar, if desired. Add the ice cubes, pour in the spirit and fill the remainder of the glass with the soda.

According to Eater Denver, the state is home to many distilleries. A recent competition called the Colorado Cocktail Contest challenged companies to create a signature Centennial State Cocktail. A bartender from Denver’s Avenue Grill won top honor with a drink called the Tree Line. Yet it had no Fresca in its ingredient list, just craft whiskey and herbal liqueur, among other flavorings.