November 28, 2013

Turkey Pho RecipeHappy Delicious Thanksgiving!

From our kitchen to yours, we wish you a scrumptious holiday! Pho, the popular Vietnamese noodle soup, is the perfect food for cold weather – hearty, herbal and hot. While it may not be on your list of typical Thanksgiving foods, you can enjoy an interesting and delectable take on pho when you add your turkey leftovers.

Turkey Pho Recipe:
Serves 6


Turkey Stock:
1 ea turkey carcass, broken into pieces
2 c onion, yellow, medium dice
1 c carrot, medium dice
1 c celery, medium dice
6 ea garlic cloves
2 ea bay leaves
5 qt water

Simmer all ingredients for two hours.

Pho Broth:
1 gal turkey broth
1 ea onion, yellow, halved and charred on a grill
0.5 oz ginger section, unpeeled and charred on a grill
2 T fish sauce (3 Crab brand is our favorite)
0.5 oz palm sugar (if available, otherwise use cane sugar)
2 ea cloves
2 ea black cardamom pods


1. Char the skins of the onion and garlic until the products lightly soften and become fragrant.
2. Remove any charred portions of the onion and ginger.
3. Add all ingredients in a stockpot and gently

Pho Assembly:
1 lb thin rice noodles, soaked in hot water for 20 minutes
A leftover turkey, shredded or chopped
1 ea onion, julienne
4 ea green onions, sliced thinly
2 c bean sprouts
10 ea Thai basil sprigs
10 ea cilantro sprigs
10 ea mint sprigs
2 ea jalapenos, sliced thinly
2 ea limes, cut into 6 wedges

To enjoy this dish, keep turkey simmering while preparing the bowls. With a strainer, dip noodles into hot broth to soften. Add noodles, turkey, sliced onion, and green onion to each bowl. Ladle broth into each bowl. Serve with a communal plate of sprouts, Thai basil, mint, cilantro, jalapenos, and lime.

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