May 4, 2015

alfredoSpring is a time of diverse temperatures, with Boulder culinary school students experiencing warm days and cool nights. Joining loved ones around a table of a freshly-made noodle dish is cozy and wonderful. It’s a great chance to try out a pasta maker and crank out some long, skinny noodles. To top them off, check out these Alfredo recipes for a creamy, delicious dish:

“Better than Olive Garden” user “Parkers Mom” claims her Alfredo recipe is better than the famous Olive Garden pasta. Her dish requires sweet butter, garlic, heavy cream, mozzarella, seasonings and garlic. Parkers Mom prefers to use angel hair pasta for her Alfredo dish, and mentions that it’s especially important to stir the sauce often while it is on the stove. It is prone to burning if not stirred properly. 

Top Secret Alfredo
Todd Wilbur’s Top Secret Recipes claims to have found the exact recipe that is used by Olive Garden. This dish is made with similar ingredients to the “Better than Olive Garden” pasta, but uses fettuccine instead of angel hair. Often, fettuccine is preferred because the larger noodles hold the sauce better. With Alfredo, however, the sauce is sticky and can be eaten with any noodles. 

Olive Garden official recipe
Because the recipe was so sought-after, Olive Garden released the official Alfredo recipe for the world to to use. The ingredient that was not included in the other recipes? Eggs! For a 4-person serving size of this dish, the recipe calls for 6 egg yolks from jumbo eggs, along with the typical ingredients (milk, cream, cheese, salt and pepper). 

Alfredo add-ons
Many Alfredo recipes are the same, with just a few adjustments for the amount of each item. To make your dish stand out, you should consider adding a personal touch. You can change the kind of cheese you use – most people opt for parmesan, Romano or mozzarella. Pick your favorite cheese and give it a try. Just be sure to keep an eye on the pot when you’re simmering the sauce. As Parkers Mom says, it can burn quickly if you don’t watch it. 

Some people like to add protein to their Alfredo. Chicken and shrimp are the most commonly used, but shredded pork, bacon and crab are also great choices. Herbs are another way to change up the taste of your Alfredo. Consider adding strips of basil or a sprinkling of thyme, rosemary, chive or other herbs. Even a small amount of these tasty greens can make a big difference in the taste of your dish.