August 15, 2013

By Stacy Hoelting, Culinary Arts Student

As I began to write this particular blog entry, I started to state that aside from the curriculum and the Farm to Table® Experience at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, the Wine Academy program is the other outstanding program that the school has to offer. I realized shortly after typing that sentence, that other than a couple of other academic weeks, those three aspects of the culinary program are the make-up of the curriculum in its entirety. I find myself absolutely loving the major elements of the program and cannot imagine a more complete one at that either.

The Wine Academy that Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has to offer is a weeklong curriculum that explores the wine culture of the world and offers tastings to complete the pallet’s education. It is quite enlightening that a culinary school would offer this program because wine plays such an essential role in culinary arts all over the world. Wine cannot only enhance a particular food item, but if not paired well, wine can also discourage the flavor of food and particular menu items placed together. It is absolutely essential to understand the key elements of wine not only when ordering a menu item from a restaurant, but also as a server suggesting wine, or even as a chef when constructing a menu.

As a result of the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts’ understanding of the importance of wine in the culinary world, the school has placed a great emphasis on wine education for the students to graduate from the program with a valued competency in wine as well as having a greater respect for the component. I cannot imagine attending a culinary school where each and every aspect of the culinary world is not studied with great detail and careful attention. This is just another testament to how fortunate I feel that I chose such a great school as Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts to trust with my culinary education and future endeavors into the culinary community. I feel confident venturing out into the vast and endless world of culinary arts with such an in-depth knowledge and education to keep me motivated to constantly learn more and strive for significance within my craft.